Is Hair Transplant a Painful Procedure?

    Hair transplant surgery is an effective and permanent solution developed against hair loss, where we obtain the most aesthetic and natural-looking results. The transplantation is performed under surgical conditions with local anesthesia. Painless anesthesia in hair transplantation has become the best option. However, the pain threshold of some people is so low that they can still feel pain.

    Each graft is taken one by one and then planted one by one. We can say that it is an operation that requires a lot of concentration and patience. The duration of the operation sometimes extends up to 8 hours, but while the hair transplantation is performed, the patient can watch movies, listen to music or read a book.

    Hair transplantation is accepted as one of the aesthetic operations, it is not as painful as it is thought, and clinics offer various opportunities for the patients to spend the long operation time.

    Painless Hair Transplant

    There is no pain during the hair transplant operation performed under anesthesia. Moreover, painkillers are used against the possibility of pain after the operation, antibiotics against any risk of infection, and also some medications are used to make the patient more comfortable.

    Since a living organism cannot react properly to a cutting that disrupts the integrity of the body, it is quite normal to have minor pains after the hair transplant operation.

    Ultimately, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, but painless anesthesia applications, micro-incisions such as Sapphire Fue, and DHI make hair transplantations painless.

    Pain After Hair Transplant Surgery

    After the first night after hair transplant surgery, many patients are relieved to a great extent. Becoming able to do most of their daily activities provided that they protect their head. Despite these general statistics, we must state that pain after hair transplantation is one of the expected situations.

    Post-operative pain can sometimes last for a few days. Although you use painkillers, it can be difficult from time to time. Situations that may disturb the person such as numbness, itching, and tingling may develop.

    Although hair transplantation is often completed in a painless process that can be considered painless, it is a normal situation that is expected to have pain in the donor area, recipient area, and the entire head after surgery.

    Generally, the pain disappears completely within 2 to 4 days, and the patient has no complaints within 1 week. Afterward, the sweet excitement of healing and regaining new hair begins to rise.