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Ozone DHI Hair Transplant

Ozone therapy is a safe and effective treatment method used in many health fields in recent years. In this treatment method, ozone is added to the amount of blood taken from the patient in question at a rate determined by the doctors and this added ozone-supplemented blood is injected back to the patient. This operation, which lasts for approximately 15 minutes, helps to improve the functioning of the body by increasing the oxygen amount in the blood. Which increases cell renewal and healing process, Ozone DHI Hair Transplant provides great benefits in many areas.

Choi Pen

The Choi pen is a tool that accelerates the operation and healing process by combining the channel opening and hair follicle transplantation processes in the hair transplantation process. Instead of opening a root canal in the scalp using Choi pen, implantation can be done directly. The implanter needle in the Choi pen is the main factor that enables this operation to be performed.

Treatment Summary

Duration of the Operation

5-8 Hours


Local Anesthesia

Hospital Stay


Full Recovery

1-7 Days

Return to Work



Life Time Warranty


Luxury Hotel

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Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi
Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi
Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi

Who Can Have Ozon DHI Hair Transplantation?

Ozon DHI hair transplantation is an application that aims to increase the success rate of the hair transplant operation. As a result of this application, it is aimed that patients have a more comfortable operation and recovery process. Masses suitable for Ozon DHI hair transplantation can be listed as follows:

  • Increasing of a small amount of hair loss
  •  Your hair starts to decrease significantly
  • Continuation of hair loss against the measures taken
  • Being examined by a specialist doctor and learning the necessity of hair transplantation

Observation of one or more of these symptoms may require Ozon DHI hair transplantation. Ozondhi treatment can be performed if individuals older than 20 and younger than 65 do not have a special health problem.

How is Ozon DHI Applied?

Ozon dhı Hair Transplantation is the realization of DHI hair transplantation with ozone supplementation. In this way, the healing process is accelerated and the success rate of hair transplantation is increased. DHI hair transplantation, which is performed in a much shorter time thanks to the Choi pen used, becomes much stronger with ozone supplementation. Here, just like in DHI hair transplantation, the process of opening the hair channels and hair transplantation processes are carried out at the same time with the help of the choi pen.

Estecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi

What are the Benefits of Ozondhi Hair Transplantation?

To list the benefits of ozone DHI treatment, a list can be made as follows:

  • Ozone helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, allowing the operated hair follicles and lesson to heal faster.
  • Skin renewal positively affects the success of the hair transplantation process.
  • Ozone injection helps to eliminate complications that may occur in hair transplantation.
  • Ozone that helps strengthen the immune system; It creates a stronger structure against harmful effects such as viruses, bacteria, fungi.
  • Ozone helps the transplanted hair follicles to grow in a shorter and more powerful way.
  • Hair follicles that are at risk during the process of harvesting and replanting keep the possibility of staying healthy thanks to ozone therapy
  • The ozone fue treatment, which prepares the ground for relaxation in the body with cell renewal, makes a much more comfortable and stress-free hair transplantation process possible.
  • Ozone, which has a serious detox reserve, helps to remove all chemical substances used during hair transplantation from the body.
  • Ozone, which accelerates the flow throughout the body, also arouses sexual power and plays an active role in increasing performance.
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What are the Considerations and Disadvantages of Ozondhi Hair Transplantation?

There are some situations that need to be well researched and known while performing DHI hair transplantation. These situations can be listed as follows;

  • DHI hair transplantation is a new method according to Fue.
  • As it is a new method, the competence of doctors who will perform DHI hair transplantation is very important. Doctors who lack competence are likely to perform a sowing that is far from aesthetic.
  • Before the hair transplant to be performed, the transplantation map should be carefully created. Otherwise, a hair transplant operation devoid of shape may occur.
  • It is very important that the ozone-supplemented blood to be given to the body is transferred correctly while ozone therapy is being performed. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to get equal yield from every region.

Ozone DHI Hair Transplantation is a hair transplant procedure created by Estecapelli itself. This hair transplant procedure, which has many advantages in terms of health and comfort, is only performed by Estecapelli.