Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

All surgical procedures required in Oral and maxillofacial surgery are gathered under the heading of oral dental and maxillofacial surgery. Many different methods and treatments are applied within the scope of oral dental and maxillofacial surgery in the treatment of problems related to the functionality of teeth, jawbone, gums and soft tissues and to eliminate aesthetic problems.

Major surgeries can be performed especially in the field of maxillofacial surgery in this area of expertise, where surgeons who are authorized to operate on the following issues work.

Jaw trauma, Injury, Jaw dislocation, Congenital jaw bone disorders, Cyst in the jaw and root of the tooth, Tumor in the jaw and root of the tooth, Submerged wisdom tooth operations

Anesthesia and Operating Room

Operations that require general anesthesia are the kind of procedures that should be done in the operating room environment. Aesthetic or functional treatments performed on the chin and jawbone are generally such operations.

If general anesthesia will be applied,firstly the patient examined by the anesthesiologist in order to learn if the patients take any medications regularly or is there any risk for the patients to get general anesthesia and then operations are performed after making sure that there is no obstacle to anesthesia. General anesthesia is a state of deep sleep in which the patient is unconscious and his body does not feel anything.

What is Sedation?

Unlike general anesthesia, the patient is conscious in sedation, but he is still in deep sleep. He does not hear the procedure, does not feel pain, but can hear and perform the instructions given by the doctor.

Sedation; It is a kind of anesthetic application that is used in treatments such as implants, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth surgery, and those who are mostly disturbed by sounds, prefer for a comfortable treatment process.

Sedation Solution for Dentist Fear

The number of adults who are afraid of the dental chair is substantial, people often hide this situation and may not even be aware of it. They look for a way not to go to the dentist until the last moment. Sedation can be preferred for the comfort of the patient, especially in such cases.

  • Sedation eliminates anxiety from whom have dental treatment trauma.
  • During the application, the patient is not strained and does not trigger traumatic memory.
  • Provides an extremely comfortable anesthetic effect, no pain is felt.
  • The patient does not hear the sounds produced during treatment.
  • It has positive contributions to overcoming the fear of dental treatment.

Is Sedation Safe?

 By the anesthesiologist; Conscious sedation applied according to age, weight and procedure time is a medically approved method of anesthesia.

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