What is Gastric Balloon?

People who cannot cope with their excess weight try many methods to lose weight easily. One of the methods to help weight loss is the gastric balloon.

The balloon used in gastric balloon application is made of silicone and is in the form of an inflatable prosthesis. The purpose of this procedure, which is very simple to apply, is to reduce the volume of the stomach by inflating the balloon when applied to the stomach. Therefore, the food that will enter the stomach will be reduced.

The gastric balloon application provides a feeling of satiety in the people applied, but this feeling is a short-term feeling. Those considering a gastric balloon application are usually concerned about whether consuming acidic drinks will harm the balloon. However, the balloon is not a product that can melt, so it is not affected by stomach acid.

Gastric balloon application is an application that must be removed after a while.

This is the most disadvantage of the application. Gastric balloon application takes about six months on average. Then the balloon must be taken.

There are two types of gastric balloon procedure applied today.

These; It is inflatable (Heliosphere® (Helioscopie)) and liquid inflated (Orbera – BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB) ® (Allergan-Inamed).

Stomach balloons can inflate around 400-600 cc. Recently, adjustable gastric balloons have started to be preferred more. In the adjustable gastric balloon, the volume of the balloon is adjusted by an apparatus. This is an endoscopic procedure. The reason why it is preferred more is that if the efficiency of the balloon decreases, it can be inflated again and if it disturbs the patient in cases where it is inflated too much, its volume can be reduced.

How Is Gastric Balloon Application Performed?

Gastric balloon application is an endoscopic application and it is generally preferred to be performed under anesthesia. The reason for this is that the procedure will be performed more easily for the patient. After the anesthesia given by an anesthesiologist, endoscopy is performed and the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum are examined.

If there is any situation that prevents the process in the stomach (stomach ulcer, etc.), the procedure is not applied or delayed.


When no obstacle is encountered during the examination, the balloon is delivered to the stomach through the esophagus. It has a special packaging and is uninspiring. Although the balloon is carried to the stomach with the help of lubricating gel, a slight pain in the throat is expected.

This mild sore throat can be relieved by taking lozenges two hours before or after the procedure. At the same time, a local anesthetic is sprayed on the throat before the procedure, which prevents pain. After the balloon is placed, the balloon is inflated with air and a liquid substance, then it is left in the stomach.

The application takes approximately thirty to forty minutes. Patients who have the application can leave the hospital during the day. If the patient has nausea, it can be kept under observation overnight. In the gastric balloon application, if the balloon is filled with liquid and inflated, a blue dye is added to the liquid. If there is a leak from the balloon, the color of the urine will change and the leakage will be detected early.

Who Can Have Gastric Balloon?

Today, many people prefer gastric balloon application because of their excess weight. But not everyone can have a gastric balloon application. The important thing here is the body mass index. While people with a body mass index of more than 30kg / m2 will be able to have this procedure, people with a body mass index of 35kg / m2 and above will turn to surgical procedures more efficiently. If the patient does not want a surgical operation or there is an obstacle in front of the surgical procedure, he can have this procedure done. People who have psychological problems with substance addiction and have any stomach problems cannot have this procedure.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gastric Balloon?


The gastric balloon procedure is a simple and effective procedure for patients who have difficulty changing their eating and drinking habits. The main advantage of this procedure, which has many advantages, is that it is not a surgical operation. Since it is an endoscopic procedure, there is no incision scar. For this reason, patients who avoid or prevent surgery, prefer the gastric balloon.


The disadvantage of the procedure is that it is not a permanent procedure, and the balloon must be removed endoscopically after a while.

side effects;

Vomiting and nausea are among the side effects seen in gastric balloon application. If there is an ulcer in the stomach, the deflation of the balloon is one of the possible side effects. As some patients are uncomfortable, it is also encountered to remove the balloon on the day it is placed.