What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotheraphy application is an operation applied to minimize skin and subcutaneous health problems. Therefore, it is a frequently used and beneficial application in hair and hair-focused operations.

Hair mesotheraphy is the process applied to the skin where the hair or hair structure is located and is an application that is deemed necessary for health. The main purpose of this application is to apply a therapeutic process to the areas of the skin with hair such as hair or beard, eyelashes. The deformation caused by the surgical procedures performed in the areas where medication is given with the help of the injector heals in a much shorter time with the help of mesotherapy. Especially after hair transplantation, hair mesotherapy plays both a regulatory and protective role.  Therefore, mesotherapy is a necessity for hair transplantation. Hair mesotherapy is not an application used only for hair transplantation. It is also used to prevent possible baldness by showing a strengthening effect on the hair loss. So, hair mesotherapy is an application that is used in women with hair loss as well as men. Hair mesotherapy is a process that requires competence in many aspects. In this sense, it is an operation that should be performed by experienced physicians. The correct positioning of the drug injected into the skin and its uniform penetration will be a study that will positively affect the success of mesotherapy application. To be able to do this depends on dermatological skills and experience.

Treatment Summary

Duration of the Operation

5-8 Hours


Local Anesthesia

Hospital Stay


Full Recovery

1-7 Days

Return to Work



Life Time Warranty


Luxury Hotel

VIP Transfer


What is the Benefit of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotheraphy also differ and are divided into two. Attack mesotherapy is usually performed on the scalp with frequent shedding. It is applied to the shed skin in short time intervals and short sessions. Thus, it is aimed to prevent spillage. Another application is preventive mesotherapy. Here, after the interventions on the skin, mesotherapy is applied to make the course positive.

Who Is Suitable For Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotheraphy can be applied to people who has hair loss, people with weak hair. Also, hair mesotherapy can be applied in cases such as dulling and extinction although the hair does not shed. In addition to these, hair mesotherapy is used as a strong preventive for forehead opening which is noticed in early stages. Mesotherapy is not a medically risky application. For this reason, dynamics such as age and disease do not preclude mesotherapy.

How Hair Mesotherapy is Performed?

Hair mesotherapy is performed by combining the drugs and components suitable for treatment and then injecting them into the skin to be treated. Mesotherapy treatment, which is carried out with the help of special needles that do not harm the body, normally does not cause any harm.

Who is not Recommended for Hair Mesotherapy?

Although hair mesotherapy is a harmless application, it is better not to use it in some cases. People who are not suitable for hair mesotherapy treatment can be listed as follows:

  • Those with diabetes (diabetes
  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Those who are being treated for cancer

In addition to these situations, the appropriateness of mesotherapy should be checked after the doctor’s examination.