Process After Hair Transplantation

  • Immediately after the operation, you will be wearing a forehead band to prevent swelling and a bandage will be applied to your donor area.

  • There may be slight redness and crusting on the transplanted area, do not worry. It will pass after 15 days.

  • After the operation, conditions such as mild pain, swelling or itching may occur, do not worry and we can alleviate this situation with ice applications, lotions or mild medications recommended by your doctor.

  • The day after the operation, you will be dressed in our hospital and your bandages will be removed from the donor area. Afterwards, the hair washing procedure takes place with our special lotion and thanks to this lotion, your scalp heals and scabs are removed.

  • 7th day after the operation:
    You will observe that your hair is stronger after the operation, you may feel itching, please avoid scratching the transplanted area.

  • 12th day after the operation:
    Scabbing will form over the transplant sites and solidify the first few hours after the procedure. These scabs will fall off within 9-12 days with our instructions. Then the person can return to his/her daily life

  • 30th day after the operation:
    There will be shock loss period between 2-4 weeks after the operation. Shock loss is a temporary stage of hair shedding that occurs after the transplant surgery and generally, this is considered as a temporary condition. After some time, the hairs start to regrow. The shock loss is the result of trauma to the scalp and it may take place due to certain reasons.

  • Between 1-3 months:
    During this period, your hair in the transplanted area will begin to shed and you will observe that the transplanted hair grows.

  • Between 4-12 months:
    During this period, your hair will continue to grow and you will observe that you have much stronger and healthier hair follicles.

  • Between 12-18 Months:
    You have finally completed the process, you will observe 100% of the hair transplanted during this period, you will have a much denser, more natural and stronger appearance.