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VITA (Vitamin) Technique, One of the Latest Methods in Hair Transplantation

There is a risk of damage to the hair follicles taken during the process of collecting hair follicles with the normal method. They are generally weak and easy to break. Root loss inevitably occurs during intake. Operations performed to minimize the number of losses in hair transplantation have a positive effect on the success of hair transplantation in this sense.


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1-7 Days

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Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi
Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi
Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi
Estecapelli Saç Ekim MerkeziEstecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi

How is FUEVITA Hair Transplantation Applied?

With FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) harvesting, grafts containing 1 to 4 hairs are removed one by one under local anesthesia; This micro extraction process is used with the help of a micro motor using small punches ranging in diameter from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm.

Then, the operator opens channels naturally and densely, taking into account the direction and angle of hair growth, to the open area without hair with a special surgical instrument called Sapphire pen.

During the channel opening phase, the follicles taken are placed in an isotonic fluid and awaited to be placed in the channels.

In the VITA technique, in addition to this, the roots placed in a special machine are given to the roots by converting vitamin, mineral and amino acid based liquid into cold steam. In this way, the roots are fed and kept alive until the planting process.

The most important detail in the FUEVITA method is the experience of the doctor and healthcare team. The channel opening process should be managed in the best way for the hair transplant to have a natural appearance.

What are the Advantages of FUEVITA Technique?

The VITA technique, which is based on the treatment of ankles (before extraction) with some solutions based on vitamins, amino acids and minerals, to strengthen and nourish them before the extraction, is extremely beneficial for the hair follicles not to lose their vital activities in the post-harvest period.

As a result of this technique, root health is preserved and it is less exposed to the risk of damage. Hair follicles nourished in this way develop more easily in the period after transplantation.


The person who had the transplant wants to have new appearance as soon as possible. It is not correct to say a clear time on this subject, as the duration of hair growth may vary from person to person. However, as seen in people who have hair transplantation, it takes approximately 6 to 12 months to see the final result in hair.


Hair transplantation is not painful in Estecapelli, it is applied locally to the area to be anesthetized with the help of air pressure using a special tool. After this stage, local anesthesia needles should be applied.

Since the pain threshold is a situation that varies according to the person, some patients may sleep during the procedure, while some patients may state that they feel pain during anesthesia. However, the pain felt here is not unbearable and can only be felt during the anesthesia period.

Estecapelli Saç Ekim Merkezi


There are many factors that play a role in the success of hair transplantation. Your suitability for hair transplantation is shaped according to the analysis result of your hair during the consultation (your medical background information). At this stage, your highly experienced hair transplant surgeon will be sure what the right hair transplant method is for you.

To make this decision, your doctor will consider the following factors;

  1. Age – Although there is really no age limit for hair transplantation, the fact that the best candidates for hair transplantation are over 27-30 years old plays a role in the results.
  2. Donor area – You must have healthy hair follicles that can be transplanted. The donor area is usually the lower part of the scalp, sometimes chest and beard hair can be used for hair transplantation.
  3. Type of Hair Loss – The cause of your hair loss is a big part of your eligibility for hair transplantation. The best candidates are those who suffer from male or female pattern baldness, as it typically only affects certain areas of the scalp, not the entire scalp. So your donor area will probably not be affected.

4. Health – For an effective hair transplant, you should not have any medical problems

FUEVITA Technique's Success Rate

The probability of success of hair growth after transplantation is increased with FueVita. While roots that do not grow during a normal transplant are detected at a rate of 20%, this rate is usually reduced to 10% thanks to VITA.

This method, which is Estecapelli’s signature technique, is patented only by Estecapelli.


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