Hair Washing

The transplanted hairs should be washed on 2nd day of operation and keep washing every day for 15 days. The scabs in the planted area should be shed 10 days after the operation.

Things to do in the first 15 days;

Step 1: Applying the foam

The foam we give you after the operation plays a role in softening your scalp and regenerating skin cells before washing. Apply the foam to the transplanted area and donor area as shown in the first wash. Perform the application only with gentle touches, avoiding damage to the transplanted roots. After waiting 30 minutes, rinse it while washing the hair.

Step 2: Shampoo Application

The special medical shampoo given to you by us is effective in the period of shedding and healing of the skin.
After rinsing the foam on your hair, gently apply the shampoo in your hand to the planting area and then rinse without waiting.

Step 3: Rinse

During rinsing, the water should be warm and pressurized water should not be used. You need to rinse by placing a bowl or your hand between the shower head and the press. Rinse until you are sure that no foam or shampoo is left on your head.

Step 4. Drying

Do not use a towel to dry your hair. The best option is to let it dry on its own.
Please send us your hair photos once every 2 days after hair wash. The shedding process will be explained to you by our medical consultant.