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    Unshaven Female Hair Transplant


    Hair loss is less common among women than men, but for women, hair is a symbol of youth and femininity, so every woman wants to have lush and beautiful hair. Thanks to unshaven female hair transplant, it’s possible to make this dream come true and permanently treat hair loss.

    Hair loss in women occurs in the form of hair loss such as thinning of hair due to advancing age, hair loss in menopause, regression of the forehead line. Male pattern hair loss in women, which we call androgenetic alopecia with its medical name, occurs more frequently in advancing ages and causes severe hair loss. Female hair transplant is an extremely effective aesthetic intervention that facilitates the lives of many women, especially in such cases, and the results are generally satisfied.

    Female Hair Transplant


    Although hair transplant creates miracles for men, we can say that women are still more shy about benefiting from the blessings of hair transplant operations. However, at the point where we have come technically, hair transplant is a good method developed against baldness and hair loss, and it makes big differences with small touches that will especially appeal to women.

    The fact that the head is completely shaved in hair transplant surgeries was one of the important reasons why women abstained from hair transplant until now. Thanks to unshaven hair transplant, this problem has been eliminated. Therefore, being able to have hair transplant without cutting or shaving can be considered as an important development that paves the way for female hair transplant.

    However, unshaven hair transplant is not the only method of female hair transplant. For example, in hair transplant and forehead narrowing operations, FUE and all other hair transplant methods, which are versions of FUE, are among the techniques used in female hair transplant.


    Unshaven Hair Transplant


    What we mean by unshaven hair transplant is the hair transplant operations performed with DHI hair transplant technique.

    The reason why it is also known as unshaven hair transplant or unshaven FUE is that the DHI hair transplant technique is basically a FUE hair transplant method. Just like in FUE hair transplant, the follicular unit is extracted one by one from the donor area as an independent structure and transferred to the recipient area one by one in the same way.

    In DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique, after the hair follicles are extracted, it can be used without shaving as it is implanted while opening the channel directly to the recipient area by means of the implanter pen (Choi Pen). In unshaven hair transplant, there is no need to open channels first as in the FUE technique, so the hair follicles do not need to wait outside. In this way, unshaven hair transplant was possible.


    What is Unshaven Female Hair Transplant and How Is It Done?


    One of the latest techniques developed in hair transplant is Direct Hair Implantation, or DHI method for short. It is known as unshaven hair transplant. Especially for women, unshaven hair transplant with DHI is a practice that we often prefer because it allows us to achieve extremely successful results.

    Unshaven hair transplant DHI technique is a new generation hair transplant method in which the hair follicles taken from the donor area are directly transplanted into the recipient area using Choi Pen. Hair transplant operation processes proceed in the same way in DHI technique as other methods. After it is decided that the patient is a suitable candidate for hair transplant, hair transplant planning is created and the hair transplant operation, in which at least two Choi Pens and tips of different thicknesses are used, is performed without shaving.

    At Estecapelli, we use two unshaven hair transplant methods, DHI and DHI VITA, in female hair transplant operations.

    DHI Unshaven Hair Transplant


    Although hair transplant operations are considered in the category of small-scale and low-risk surgical applications performed under local anesthesia, the general health status of the patient is checked in detail before the operation. A number of tests are performed, blood values ​​are examined, if there is a chronic illness, a consultation is requested from the doctor following the disease.

    After making sure that the patient does not have any health problems that may prevent the operation, a detailed hair examination is started. In our opinion, the secret of success in female hair transplant is very relevant to the best understanding of the patient’s expectations in the pre-hair transplant examination. Thus, it is possible to draw a realistic picture between the result to be obtained with the operation and the expectations of the patient. Because hair transplant operations are usually successful, but exaggerated expectations or abused situations can cause disappointment.

    To summarize the stages of unshaven female hair transplant with the DHI technique:

    • Deciding on the number of grafts
    • Creation of hair transplant planning
    • Anesthesia
    • Transplantation of hair follicles into the recipient area after they are taken from the donor area and placed in the Chopi Pen

    The duration of female hair transplant surgery varies in each case. For example, the duration of applications such as forehead narrowing with DHI technique is shorter. How long the hair transplant operation will take becomes clear before the operation and the patient is informed about all other details of the operation.

    DHI provides many other advantages apart from unshaven hair transplant:

    • With DHI hair transplant technique, extremely natural looking hair transplant results are obtained.
    • Healing period is faster after hair transplant with DHI.
    • Since the hair follicles are not kept outside in Direct Hair Implantation, the risk of graft death during hair transplant operation is almost non-existent in DHI hair transplant.
    • It is possible to create more density with DHI.
    • Even thin hair follicles can be transplanted with DHI, which is important in female hair transplant.


    DHI VITA Unshaven Hair Transplant


    VITA method is an application of our brand and DHI VITA is a patented DHI hair transplant method applied only at Estecapelli.

    With DHI VITA, our goal in unshaven female hair transplant technique is to minimize the graft loss that occurs during hair transplant operations to zero and to ensure that the transplanted hair follicles grow more strongly in its new location.

    In DHI VITA technique, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are fed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids by cold steaming technique before being placed in the implanter pen. The strengthened hair follicles are placed in the recipient area with Choi Pen.

    Healing period passes faster in unshaven hair transplant with DHI VITA. Your permanent hair, which grows from new hair follicles after shock loss, looks more vivid and stronger. Thanks to DHI VITA, it is possible to have hair transplant for women with thin and weak hair follicles.


    Forehead Narrowing with Female Hair Transplant


    Forehead aesthetics is an important criterion in female beauty and forehead width is important in terms of the aesthetic ratio of the face. The regular and aesthetic appearance of the hairline results in a younger face return. For this reason, forehead narrowing with female hair transplant is a hair transplant restoration that allows us to achieve very good results.

    Forehead hair transplant is one of the leading unshaven hair transplantation applications in women. With the hair follicles taken from the donor area, the hairline can be carried forward up to 11.5-2 cm, the hollow or irregular hairline can be filled.

    The hairline may be genetically behind, or it may have occurred later as a result of hair loss for various reasons. Whatever the reason, if you are not satisfied with your hairline, you can benefit from hairline restoration with forehead narrowing or hair transplant.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have about aesthetic hair transplantation applications, forehead narrowing with hair transplant and forehead hair transplant prices.

    How Successful is Female Hair Transplant?


    Hair transplant operations are at the forefront of the most applied aesthetic operations all over the world, because hair transplant is one of the most useful aesthetic applications with the highest patient satisfaction, which has progressed very rapidly especially since the development of the FUE technique. As in men, the results of hair transplant in women are extremely successful.

    Unshaved Female Hair Transplant Results


    Selection of a clinic in hair transplant is a factor in itself among the factors that determine the result. It is important to choose a good clinic for the best results in female hair transplant, and finding an experienced clinic in female hair transplant makes your job easier and makes the process more comfortable in every care.

    Almost every hair transplant patient who has a hair transplant in the right place says, “I wish I had a hair transplant before!” because for most patients who regain their new appearance 1 year after the hair transplant operation, their new state is better than the old one.

    If it is not performed in very bad clinics, which we call unregistered, and by people who do not know how to do hair transplant, hair transplant usually results in patient’s satisfaction. Of course, it is also possible to imagine more than satisfaction.

    As Estecapelli in female hair transplantation, our goal is to perform hair transplant operations that will achieve the closest results to the hair that our patients dream of, with unshaven hair transplant DHI and patented DHI VITA hair transplant.


    Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

    Turkey is a prestigious address that has gained the trust of women in aesthetic surgery, medical aesthetics and other cosmetic applications. When it comes to hair transplant, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Turkey’s success is a fact accepted by the world.

    As Estecapelli, the increasing interest in female hair transplant in Turkey is one of the things we are excited about. Because we think that women should benefit from this effective and permanent application as much as men. Establishing a more harmonious and peaceful relationship with their hair should be considered as a natural touch that will add beauty to women’s beauty and a great investment in the long run.

    Unshaven Female Hair Transplant in Istanbul


    The number of hair transplant centers in Istanbul that perform unshaven female hair transplant is increasing day by day. Having many alternatives when choosing a clinic provides an important advantage for the patient because each patient’s budget and expectations may be different.

    We would also like to share that we will be very happy to have women who prefer Turkey for hair transplant meet with the quality of Estecapelli in Istanbul.

    Istanbul Female Hair Transplant Prices 2021


    DHI unshaven hair transplant prices are higher-priced applications compared to other methods. However, hair transplant prices in Turkey are generally cheap. Please contact us for female hair transplant prices in Istanbul and free online consultation.

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