Is it normal to have a hair loss after hair transplantation?

    Yes, your first hair that grows from the transplanted hair follicules after the operation will fall out, and this is expected, it is a part of the hair transplantation process.

    Shock loss after a hair transplant operation is one of the important stages of hair transplant treatment. All the transplanted hair fall out first, but do not worry, then they will all grow again.

    What is Shock Loss?

    After the hair transplant surgery, the wounds in the transplanted hair follicules are healed and all the transplanted hair falls quickly. Shock loss is the name we give to this sudden hair loss that occurs about two weeks after the hair transplant surgery.

    Before and after the operation, it should not be a panic situation facing the shock loss, as the patient is informed before in detailes about the course of the healing process. After the shock Loss period, the new and existing hair starts to grow again.

    It is exciting to watch your change day-by-day in the mirror and to feel that your hair grows as you touch it. Hair that grows after shock loss is weaker at first, afterward gradually gets stronger and thicker. After the hair transplant operation, it takes an average of 6 months to 1 year for your hair to get its final appearance.

    When Will My New Hair Grow Up After Shock Loss?

    The hair growth rate may vary from person to person, but within an average of 2 months, new and permanent hair begins to grow.

    If we are talking about a successful hair transplant operation, we expect every transplanted graft to survive, which means the growth of new hair from all follicules after shock loss is expected. In some people, some of the hair follicules may fall after the shock loss, which is very natural.

     Will the transplanted hair grow again after the Shock loss?

    Hair that grows after shock loss will be your permanent hair and does not fall because the hair follicles in the donor area are genetically resistant to falling.

    Before the hair transplant operation, it is expected that the falling becomes stable. The backside of the head usually consists of strong hair follicles that do not fall, and since the grafts used in hair transplantation are transplanted from this area, your new hair that grows after the operation will be also resistant to falling.