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Hair Transplant without shaving

Hair transplantation without shaving is the method that is considered as a dream for patients who do not want to shave their hair.

Hair transplantation is a tissu (hair follicule) transplant procedure. In every method, the donor area must be shaved to easily select the strongest, healthiest follicules. For some patients, and especially among women, this can be a handicap. Hair transplantation without shaving is a revolutionary option for people who do not want the treatment to be noticeable in their social life.

What is  Hair Transplantation without shaving?

Hair transplantation without shaving can be applied with DHI or FUE  methods by not shaving the patient’s head. It is suitable for men and women whose hair is thin and fall from certain areas.

How hair Transplantation without shaving is performed?

The donor area is shaved in the narrowest possible way after the most efficient area is determined while keeping it hidden among the existing hair. Once the hair follicules are extracted from the area, grafts are directly transplanted via  Choi Pen in the DHI method. The roots are first collected in the FUE method and then transplanted into the channels one by one.

After the hair transplantation method without shaving, the patient can continue to make their hair the same way and it is not detectable since the donor area can be covered with the existing hair.

The results of the Hair Transplants without shaving

Those who have hair transplantation methods without shaving can overcome the recovery period more easily as they are free from the social discomfort caused by the post-transplantation period. Apart from this, hair transplantation results without shaving can be seen in a period of 6 months to 1 year. The period we call shock loss will also be considered in the hair transplant without shaving method.

If the DHI hair transplantation method is prefered in hair transplantation, the wound healing period is faster than the FUE hair transplantation method, due to the smaller micro channels opened by the automatic pen.

Hair transplant without shaving in Turkey

Hair transplantation without shaving in Turkey is often performed via Choi Pens in the DHI hair transplant method. Turkey has been accepted as the best country in the World due to the results and capability of using the technology in the hair transplant sector.

Thanks to the recent hair transplant methods in Turkey it is not a provision to shave either the donor or transplant areas of your head.

The prices of the Hair Transplant treatments without shaving.

Compared to conventional hair transplantation, unshaved hair transplant prices are one-fourth to one-third higher. The treatment requires more attention, more effort, and time compared to normal hair transplantation. This increases the cost of the operation.

Who are the suitable candidates for Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

Unshaved hair transplantation, which is prefered in the hair transplantation sector by women and men who have hair loss in a certain area.  In the time after it was first performed, it has been prefered by many more people today.

With the variable usage of the CHOI-PENS in DHI hair transplantation and the tips used in the FUE method, unshaven hair transplantation has become the most suitable method for more people. We can list who can be the suitable candidate for the unshaved hair transplant:

  • Men and women who want to have a hair transplant but do not want to shave their hair.
  • Those who do not want their hair transplantation to be seen.
  • Anyone who wants to have a hair transplant without changing their appearance.