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    Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Individuals in Istanbul, Turkey


    “HIV Positive” is the medical term used to refer to individuals who test positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). When left untreated, HIV can severely weaken the person’s immune system making them more prone to infections and other sometimes severe medical complications.

    As emphasized in countless awareness studies, excluding HIV positive individuals only causes social exclusion and nobody has the right to do this. However, health institutions who have an obligation of care must take precautions in terms of patient rights by following both the universal health protocols and any other additional steps to ensure a hygienic and medically safe environment.

    At Estecapelli Medical Solutions, we welcome HIV individuals who wish to undergo a hair transplant procedure to get back the hair that they have lost. For both the safety and wellbeing of the patient who is receiving treatment, as well as the medical team who are providing that treatment, we strive to take all the necessary precautions (such as using single-use, disposable medical equipment including protective gear) to ensure a smooth and safe medical environment for the success of the procedure.

    Can HIV positive individuals get a hair transplant operation in Istanbul, Turkey?

    Yes, absolutely, however there are some conditions. The most important requirement for HIV positive individuals, besides being of good health, is for them to be HIV undetectable – testing negative in crash kit tests — which is achieved through daily viral treatment as prescribed by their physician to reduce their viral load. This not only reduces the impact that the HIV virus causes to a person’s immune system over the long-term, but it also significantly decreases the possibility of transmission and contagion especially while the medical operation is being performed.

    As Estecapelli, we are proud to be one of the very few clinics in Istanbul to be welcoming HIV undetectable individuals who wish to get a hair transplant procedure. The goal of a hair transplant is to restore coverage to areas with little to no hair. With improvements in the available techniques and protocols, a hair transplant procedure has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries preferred by both men and increasingly women all around the world.

    In the last decade, Turkey and in particular Istanbul has stood out as the best destination to get a hair transplant due to its experienced medical staff and affordability. With its headquarters based in Istanbul, Turkey, Estecapelli’s experienced hair transplantation team has been performing hair transplant procedures for many years, including for HIV positive individuals. The procedure is carried out with great care and attention, making sure that all the hygiene protocols are met and the patient’s wellbeing is maximized. At Estecapelli we practise a high degree of discretion by taking steps to protect patient privacy and ensure that our extensive family of patients receive the long-term aftercare that they need to achieve the best possible result from their procedure.

    What Should Be Considered before Hair Transplantation for HIV-Positive patients?

     Conscious patients who know that they are HIV positive and have shaped their lives accordingly make up the largest share of people who inquire about getting a hair transplant procedure. HIV positive individuals are often aware of how to protect themselves and others.

    Although rare, there may be patients who do not know that they are HIV positive. They might learn about their situation when tests are performed before hair transplantation. In these cases, it may be necessary to postpone the operation. When the patient is HIV positive, 3 main issues have to be considered:

    1. Since the immune system of the individual may be compromised, a suitable preparation period may be needed in case of any surgical operation. The patient’s immune system should be checked. In case of a risk, the operation should be postponed.
    2. HIV is transmitted through blood. Surgical operations such as hair transplantation should be performed under high hygiene conditions and with optimum precaution.
    3. During and after the operation, the patient should be protected against possible inflammatory conditions at the maximum level.


    We can list the precautions that should be considered in hair transplantation for HIV positive patients as below:

    • Pay close attention to your hygiene before and after the operation.
    • Avoid things that will lower your immune system before the operation.
    • If you feel any discomfort before the operation, make sure to share it with your doctor.
    • Before the operation, you can isolate yourself in case you get any other viral diseases.
    • Isolating yourself during the wound healing period can be a precautionary option for the post-operation period.
    • Avoid anything that may negatively impact your immune system, such as consuming alcohol and smoking.
    • Try to schedule and maintain your sleep patterns.
    • Request information from the medical team about how to maximize hygiene especially during after-care period.