Trapianto di capelli per pazienti sieropositivi in Turchia
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Hair Transplant for HIV Positive Patients in Turkey

Hiv Positive is the medical term used for people who have HIV. Not all HIV Positives are contagious, and being HIV Positive is not the same thing as having AIDS.

As emphasized in awareness studies conducted years ago, excluding HIV carriers only causes social exclusion and nobody has the right to do this. However, health institutions are obliged to take some precautions in terms of patient rights by following the universal health rules.

For the safety of both HIV-positive people and other patients are considered and the operation performed by the medical team is observed. The clinics have a right to not perform hair transplants on HIV-positive patients. Unless there is an insufficient hygienic condition or the possibility of transmitting the virus to other patients, the doctor, and his team perform the operation.

Can HIV-positive Patients have a hair transplant operation in Turkey?

Yes, they can. Hair transplantation can be performed on HIV-positive patients in Turkey. However, every HIV-positive patient may not be a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. Because although taking enough hygienic precautions for patients and the medical team, the immune system of the HIV-positive patient has to be also suitable for hair transplantation operation.

Hair Transplantation for HIV Positive Patients in Istanbul

Hair loss is common among HIV-positive patients. As a side effect of the drugs used, they may face permanent hair loss.

Whether men or women, hair loss can disturb the person, especially when it is so severe that the facial expressions change undesirably. People will tend to avoid to look in the mirror. Hair loss or baldness negatively affects social life.

HIV-positive patients may be more affected by this negative effect that causes hair loss. Therefore, getting their hair is a much more worthful treatment.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is based on the sensitivity of the effects of hair loss on humans. Regarding hair transplantation in HIV-positive patients, you will see that many clinics in Istanbul work with great care.

Hair transplantation for HIV-positive patients in Istanbul;

It is carried out with great care and attention. Hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, which have made a name for themselves in the hair transplantation sector; With their knowledge, sufficient equipment, attention, and a superior understanding of hygiene. It has shown to the world that hair transplantation is possible and safe for HIV-positive patients.

Every year, a large number of  HIV-positive patients from all around the world get hair transplant treatments in Turkey. The results of hair transplantation in Istanbul make both the patients and the clinics happy.

What Should Be Considered before Hair Transplantation for HIV-Positive patients?

Conscious patients who know that they are HIV positive and have shaped their lives accordingly are generally dominant in the subject. HIV-positive patients are often aware of how to protect themselves and others.

Although rare, there may be patients who do not know that they are HIV positive. They might learn about their situation when tests are performed before hair transplantation. In these cases, it may be necessary to postpone the operation. When the patient is HIV positive, 3 main issues have to be considered:

  1. Since the immune system of the patient is weak, a suitable preparation period may be needed in case of any surgical operation. The patient’s immune system should be checked. In case of a risk, the operation should be postponed.
  2. HIV is transmitted through blood. Surgical operations such as hair transplantation should be performed under high hygiene conditions and with optimum precaution.
  3. During and after the operation, the patient should be protected against possible inflammatory conditions at the maximum level.

We can list the precautions that should be considered in hair transplantation for HIV positive patients as below;

  • Pay close attention to your hygiene before and after the operation.
  • Avoid things that will lower your immune system before the operation.
  • If you feel any discomfort before the operation, make sure to share it with your doctor.
  • Before the operation, you can isolate yourself in case you get any other viral diseases.
  • Isolating yourself during the wound healing period can be a precautionary option for post-operation,
  • Avoid anything that damages the immune system, such as alcohol and smoking.
  • Try to schedule and maintain your sleep patterns.
  • Before and after the operation, request information from the medical team about hygiene.