I pazienti diabetici possono sottoporsi al trapianto di capelli?
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Can Diabetes Patients Have Hair Transplantation?

Yes, people with diabetes can get their hair back after successful transplantation treatments in Turkey. But after giving a general answer to this question, we should mention that not every diabetic patient may be a suitable candidate for hair transplant.

Like many people suffering from hair loss, it is the most natural right of diabetics patients to have hair transplant surgery. Hair loss is among the main causes that can have a serious effect on the self-esteem of the person. The purpose of aesthetic operations such as hair transplant is to improve the appearance and remove the negative effects of baldness on the psychology of the person.

Diabetes can cause hair loss. Fallen hair sometimes grows again with treatment and sometimes the loss is permanent. In this case, diabetics who want to benefit from the positive socio-psychological effects of hair transplant surgery ask the questions below;

Can hair transplantation be performed on diabetic patients?

  • Can diabetes patients have a hair transplant in Turkey?
  • Can Type 1 Diabetes patients have hair transplant?
  • can diabetes prevent hair transplantation?
  • How hair transplantation is done for diabetic patients?
  • Can type 2 diabetes patients have hair transplantation in Turkey?

Diabetes and Hair Loss

Hair loss may occur as the hair follicules cannot be adequately nourished due to circulatory insufficiency caused by diabetes. Other consequences of diabetes that lead to hair loss are hormonal disorders, weakness in the autoimmune and immune system, slow recovery and regeneration mechanism of the body.

Although diabetes is not considered as the direct cause of hair loss, some consequences of the disease indirectly cause hair loss. Medications used during treatment may also have side effects such as hair loss.

When the treatment reaches a certain point and the sugar balance is reached, hair loss can be compensated permanently in the hair transplantation process.

Hair transplant for the Diabetes Patients in Turkey

Lots of Type 2 diabetes get their hair with hair transplantation surgery in Turkey. There are some things to be done and some precautions to be taken to be satisfied with the results and to get through the operation process in the best way.

In diabetic patients, the patient’s insulin values and blood sugar levels are monitored before the hair transplantation and during the preparation period for the operation. Sugar should be kept under control. This is a must for the patient during the hair transplant surgery, which lasts at least 8 hours.

Type 1 Diabetes Hair Transplant

Since their bodies cannot produce insulin, Type 1 diabetes patients meet their daily needs by injecting insulin. Since hair transplant surgery takes a long time, it can cause sugar fluctuations even in healthy people. Therefore, hair transplantation is not recommended for Type 1 Diabetes patients.

Type 2 Diabetes Hair Transplant

Getting a hair transplant for Type 2 Diabetes patients is not an obstacle in Turkey. For a safe operation and healing process, the team that will perform hair transplantation may request a consultation with the doctor who follows the diabetes disease.

The course of the disease, the current status of the patient’s immune system, and hair loss history should be evaluated with a holistic approach.

  • Duration of Hair Transplant Surgery in Diabetic Patients

For diabetic patients to overcome the hair transplant operation in the best way, the Sapphire FUE method should be preferred according to the volume of the hair transplantation and the operation should be completed as soon as possible.

Hair transplantation is an aesthetic operation that takes a long time and requires attention. In the case of diabetes, the sugar levels of the patients must be observed.

  • The healing process for Diabetes Patients

After the hair transplant, thousands of micro-wounds will be on the scalp. In time these tiny incisions heal up to a few days for healthy people, the duration is extended in diabetic patients. Type 2 diabetics are susceptible to infection risk due to the problem in the immune system. For this reason, it is necessary to be extremely sensitive and careful.

The most important stage of hair transplantation for diabetic patients is the postoperative healing period. If you strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations and work with a clinic that follows the process in the best way, the patients can also overcome this period without problems.

Hair Transplantation for Diabetes Patients in Istanbul

Choosing experienced clinics and teams that perform hair transplantation for diabetes patients in Istanbul will be the right method at this point.